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I love travelling and my dream is to go to all the exotic places in the world (of course my wallet is not big enough for this dream :) )

I have thus compiled a list of interesting places and hotels so that other like-minded people could have reference to. Now that everybody is so into social media and taking selfies, wouldn’t it be cool to post a picture of these places and enjoy the envy of your friends?

I am also a thrifty person by nature, I would do a lot of research on the places to go and the things to do so as to make full use of the limited time and resources. It is a tedious process as the information is everywhere, eg on tripadvisor, travel blogs, official tourism website etc.

By doing this blog, i hope to gather the relevant information into one website so that other people can take advantage of what I have done and thus save time. Since this is a tedious process, I only include the main attractions at the cities/places I am visiting, therefore I may not include all the places of interests. 

Hope this website is useful to you. :)


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